New Google Chrome DevTools and improvements

In the Chrome Dev Summit 2020, Google announced new dev tools and improvements for the world’s most popular browser, Chrome. Some changes are upcoming for Chrome to keep it secure, powerful, and fast. Let's highlight only some for knowledge since we don't need to know all the details unless we are developers.

Chrome DevTools is a set of built-in tools for Chrome which helps web developers edit pages on-the-fly for building websites better and faster. It is important to know that you don’t need to be hi-fi tech guy to know all these. You can learn and use all these stuffs on-the-go as per your requirements just like using new softwares and playing around brand new games. And if you don’t need to know them, you don’t need to bother either as you can always use without even knowing them exist.  :D

Here are some of the new features involved in Google Chrome’s vision for the coming year.

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Manifest V3

This  is the most discussed changes in the browser extension. This new manifest version already rolls out in the Chrome 88 beta and is expected to come with more changes in the coming stable releases form January next year onwards. 

This new version allows the browser to restrict certain old APIs and accompanying extensions. Google also removes remotely hosted code in the interest of user privacy and security which will let the review of submission to Chrome faster. However Google will not remove the support of Manifest V2 by now and the migration to V3 is expected to take a year.

Cookies and Trust Token APIs

Before we go to trust tokens, let’s have a brief about cookie which is one of the most inescapable and popular component of web browsers. 

Cookie is a small piece of data stored in the user’s device as the user move along from page to page. First party cookies are cookies created by the visited website to track the users activities and interactions with the website which is necessary for the visited website. Third party cookies, on the other hand, are cookies created by external content called third party such as advertisements.

These third party cookies are used by advertisement companies to track user activities and thereby profiling the user. While this is important for ad providers to track users and display relevant advertisement depending on their activities in the internet, this can be used in many nefarious ways thereby putting the user’s security and privacy at risk.

To resolve this security issue, Google introduces an alternative to third-party cookies called Trust Token APIs which we are now talking about.

Trust Token is a new API for  fraud protection and distinguishing bots from real human. It establish trust of a user by enabling an origin to issue cryptographic token which will be stored in the user’s browser and be used to validate the user’s authenticity in other context without passive tracking.

Google has made several more announcements in the Chrome Dev Summit like standardized digital goods API for Chrome 88, Web Vitals and more. You can visit newsletter or watch the YouTube channel for more details. 

The beta release can be downloaded here, Chrome Beta (Android 91.54 MB)



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