Android 11 update: From smartphone to Desktop

Image from PCMag

Wait a minute! This is not yet for all phones... But, hopefully this would be the beginning of new generation smartphones.

Motorola appeared in a video showing its Qualcomm 800-series with a new feature of TV-friendly and desktop computing modes at Qualcomm's Snapdragon Summit earlier this week and Motorola Mobility president Sergio Bunac highlighted, "2021 will mark the 10th generation of Moto G, and nothing would make us prouder than bringing 800-series experiences to this family," in the video.  
Qualcomm has not revealed all the partners of its Snapdragon 888 chipset yet. However, it is confirmed that one of the partners confirmed to be launching a product based on the new platform is Motorola. The XDA-developers team also confirmed that Motorola has been working on a desktop mode experience, and is preparing the feature for its upcoming Android 11 based software.  

I won't repeat what they say as you better read them in the link above and the short review here @PCMag and more detail is expected today, may be right now while you are reading this article. I haven't seen it either since I'm writing this. Lol.  

The most interesting part though, is that Motorola's cheap (considering its features) price to be... Hopefully! It is expected that with this price as mentioned in the review, Motorola will once again rise up in the Indian market competing China's cheap products like Xiaomi.

Motorola is anyway not a new player in this field, in fact it's one of the oldest and reliable innovators of the technology. I'm just mentioning this because many youngsters around here may not be familiar with this one of the most trusted brand since today's Indian mobile market is dominated by China's new brand and cheap products which may cause suspiscion to many in buying their products due to its unpopularity in today's Indian smartphone market.  

Back from the beginning... Well, to be honest, even I don't really know when and where to start off the beginning... Let's say when Intel 8085 microprocessor was very popular, Motorola had its own successful brand 6800 and it always keep track on new technologies and innovations. So, don't be hesitate or suspicious to buy the products of one of the world's most trusted and oldest brand in this field.  
I am not advertising their products by purpose, I'm just saying this since it is expected to be one of the best deal for it's mid-range and affordable price (to be..!), considering it's new features and the specifications of the chipset.

Again and important, don't forget what I said in my earlier article. These new phones (not only this one but many from 2021 onwards...) will come with new extra features but with USB-C port like, for example, DisplayPort... etc. and just because they look the same and can be used in common for some features, like charging and simple data transfer, does not mean that they will be the same...

After all, the good thing about these new generation phones in 2021, including this one of course, will be the desktop mode features which will let you use it like a computer if you have the keyboard and mouse. In fact, they will perform much faster and better graphics with a minimum RAM of 8 GB. But, ironically I am writing this with 2 GB RAM which supports only 32 bits linux server, which further means even though I already use Desktop mode with linux server, it does not support new softwares like Android Studio and eclipse... etc. Hmm :(

Anyway, good luck all...

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