Facebook Vanish Mode

Snapchat users will already be familiar with this new facebook's Vanish mode. Already introduced in Whatsapp and messenger in the US and few other countries last week, the feature will soon be introduced in Instagram and popular worldwide in the platforms. Just like Snapchat this new feature will let the message disappear by itself after the other user read it giving the sender assurance that the messages were not remembered in the chat especially when they send bullying or a little private messages. 

This new feature comes as part of a major redesign that facebook announced in September this year. To go into and exit the Vanish Mode, you have to swipe up the chat thread and by pressing the button you can turn it on and off provided the other users have done it the same. 

So, what's the deal? 

While sending a self-disappearing messages will let the senders feel more safely, this new feature cannot prevent the readers from copying and making threads by some other means, let's say, taking a screenshot or a photograph! So, YOU MUST KNOW that this is not 100 percent safe and you must be cautious depending on what message you are sending. Be it a text messages or your photograph you must know what you are doing. 

Once again, although this new feature notifies the sender if the other user takes a screenshot, it cannot stop him/her from doing it and be cautious about it. Anyway, you already know nothing can be hundred percent safe in this fast evolving IT environment. So, it's not a big deal! This is just another new feature for you to enjoy and USE IT WELL...

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